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  Package One - Sabai Sabai Pampering
  • This package includes full body Aromatherapy Oil Massage, Thai facial and head Massage.a relaxing massage refresh your body and release your mind, lymphatic drainage massage to unblock the nodes to improve your circulation system. The massage techniques range from soft or medium as your preference.

  • This treatment for 90 mins session £70.- including  Thai Foot massage .

PackageTwo - Siamese Therapeutic
  •  The treatment that uses ancient healing Tok Sen (Acupoint Tapping Massage) techniques combined with a contemporary knowledge of anatomy and physiology to deeply stretch and stimulate the acupressure points. Then follow by Thai balm/Oil massage which will bring you to the level of relaxation and relief.

  • This is 90 mins session £70.-


Package Three -  Rejuvenate 
  • Traditional Thai Yoga/ Warrior Massage and Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage

  • Discover the amazing results of a real rejuvenate Traditional Thai Therapy, Firstly a Traditional Thai Massage opens blocked energy pathway. Then Thai Herbal Hot Compress dissolves soreness and further release life energy

  • This treatment is 2 hours session  £95-


Price Lists

All treatments price at following:-

30 mins /GBP 30.00

45 mins /GBP 40.00

60 mins /GBP 50.00

90 mins /GBP 70.00

120 mins /GBP 90.00

Gift Vouchers are available,

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