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Detox Green Tea by Madi Peach

Constipation, Stomach pain or cramps, Tummy bloating, lack of energy or sleeplessness ?  

 A superb Thai green tea blends with herbs by Madi Peach. 

Madi Peach Tea is 100% organic, No caffeine, sugar free and full of natural health benefits. Madi Peach tea is a healthy beverage drink, loaded with potent antioxidants call catechins. These catechins have been shown to boost metabolism, detoxifying, helping the development of live probiotics essential for gut health, promoting greater digestion and overall well-being.

You will notice changes for the better. When drunk  Madi Peach tea regularly. It makes a perfect choice for everyday tea to complement your lifestyle and weight management.

Madi Peach Thai green tea blends with herbs such as Jiaogulan, Pandan leaves, Mulberry, Goosebery or Amla and Peach. All tea  and herbs are grown in Chaing Mai , the north of Thailand.  Madi Peach tea produced in facilities high standard meeting FDA, Qulified by ISO, GMP, HACCP Codex. 

Madi Peach Tea offers a pleasant taste of peach, an inspiration in every cup, drunk hot or cold. One tea bag makes 3-4 cups of hot tea, enough for one day's program (approx.30p per cup) or infuse in cold water, simply just add Madi Peach tea bag into 500-1000 ml in water bottle and give a good shake and infuse for 3-5 minutes. It's a convenient way to carry on a go travelling, picnic or do exercise.

Madi Peach Tea is the best way for a natural detox program for better health.

Try Madi Peach - Thai Green Tea and  you will notice changes for the better

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