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Tips and Advise

 Sabai Sabai Traditional Thai Therapy would like to invite you to pamper yourself with a relaxation and therapeutic treatment. Choose to spend an hour or several, you will enjoy many health benefits from the treatment.


Treatment schedules: designed to suit you
  • The appointment can be made to suit your schedule. Please give enough time on arrival before appointment time,as I wish you get the most out of your treatment and it may be cut short if you are late to the appointment.

  • From your very first visit to my practice, I can assist you with most important aspects of the therapy you need, offering continuous advice and support as well as an individual programme for you to follow at home.

  •  A  foot reflexology treatment is not suited for clients who are pregnant, menstruating women, and people who are bleeding either internally or externally conditions.

  • The first appointment would ideally be a full 2 hours massage in order to tailor the massage to treat the root causes.

  • It is best not to have a heavy meal within 2 hours, or a small meal within 1 hour prior to receiving the treatment. Thai massage has great benefits for your digestive system, which you won't want to miss out. 

  • To obtain the full benefit of any products used in massage. It is recommended that client bathe or shower before treatment to unblock the pores.


Your first appointment: what should I bring with me?

    I do provide the massage clothes or appropriates massage attire. It is best to bring casual comfortable sportswear. 


After treatment
  • After treatment, Clients are recommended to make sure drink plenty of water to eliminate toxin and lactic acids developed during the massage process in your body. The more water you sip the less sore you will be. If you don't drink plenty of water the toxin will settle right back in your muscles.

  • To prevent the body's elements from the effect od coldness. It is recommended that clients not to washing hair, shower or taking a bath after received a treatment within one hour.

Important Information 

     The information provided on this website, express or implied, is for the purpose of information only and it is not given as professional medical advise, a means of diagnosis or treatment, nor is it intended to be a substitute thereof. If you have a health problem, a medical emergency, or a general health question, I always recommend you consult your doctor before booking or use the services. I also advise you not to discontinue any medical treatment or advise currently administered by qualified Medical Practitioner.

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